Friday !

Missing home (Sweden) a little now when everyone is going home for Christmas to their families, but I am also very excited about our eight days in Cancun, Mexico! I checked the weather and it looks like it will be around 26 Celsius and sun everyday for us there. Can’t wait to just lay in the sun!

Had a good day today that ended with an hour long biceps/triceps session at the gym and a huge quinoa-pesto dinner before starting the packing. This is how my workout looked today:

  • alt. DB biceps curls 6 sets
  • DB kickbacks 6 sets
  • alt. DB hammer curls 6 sets
  • DB overhead triceps 6 sets
  • Cable reverted narrow lat pull-down 6 sets
  • Cable triceps push down 6 sets
  • DB shoulder press 6 sets
  • DB single-arm overhead triceps 6 sets
  • Cable single-arm biceps curls 6 sets
  • Cable overhead rope triceps push 6 sets

Then I did 15 minutes easy biking and a good stretch :)

(Don’t know the names for all the exercises so just made them up hehe)


Back Workout !

Since my foot is so stubborn and won’t get better and I’m slowly getting more depressed since I can’t workout as I want (haven’t played tennis for 2 months, haven’t ran for almost 4 weeks and so on…) I’m trying to focus a little more on doing weights. Pretty much since that’s the only thing I can do while being in this boot. I am still allowed to bike (thank God) so I can still do some cardio, but it is just not the same, and biking is pretty boring to me if I compare it to playing tennis, running, elliptical or similar cardio workouts. Going to do a Tech Scan for my feet tomorrow and see if something can be changed in my shoes that might help the pain to go away (I really hope so because otherwise they might put me in a cast when I get back from Mexico). But to what I was going to write about; I did one of my best back workouts yesterday, 60 minutes only back exercises and I can feel the soreness today. The exercises I did was:

  • DB single arm row 6sets
  • DB flies 6 sets
  • Cable lat pull-down wide in front 6 sets
  • back extensions 6 sets
  • cable seated row 6 sets
  • DB rear raise 6 sets
  • cable lat pull-down wide behind 6 sets
  • cable lat pull-down narrow in front 6 sets
  • DB standing rows 6 sets
  • DB posterior flies 6 sets

Then I did 15 minutes cool down on the bike while watching the end of a Christmas movie :)


Picture taken a couple of weeks ago while doing the “cable lat pull-down wide in front”.

1 down, 2 to go!

Done with Fall term!! Only have two more terms left in college, can almost not believe it! On the other hand, the time cannot go too fast now because I’m so excited to be done with college and start a new era in my life; even though I don’t really know what I will do after yet. Either work here in the states or at home in Sweden. Both options are exciting and something I look forward too.

Only one more week here in Eugene and then Daan and I take off to MEXICO! Sun here I come :D


Chicken curry wok

Made an easy chicken curry wok in coconut milk yesterday! It was the first time I made it so I wasn’t really sure how much spices and so on to use but it turned out alright! And I know what to do better next time! I had onion, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, chicken, and curry, paprika, chili, and black pepper spices. All mixed in coconut milk and served with gluten free noodles :)



Almost Christmas

This weekend have been really relaxing so far. Watched a bunch of movies (many Christmas movies so I’m longing for Christmas now! Feels weird that I’m not going home to Sweden and my family and friends, but will have a great Christmas here with my love!)
But I feel like the time is going pretty fast, it’s almost week 10 of fall term and December! Excited about the future; with travels and the tennis season coming up and more! Just hope I can be injury free :)

We made some brownies that turned out well!

And we did some weights 💪

Tomorrow it’s the first advent in Sweden, so I hope everyone at home eats lots of gingerbread cookies and light up all the candles and light you can find :)

Thanksgiving Weekend

Have almost a whole week of from school and practices now, thanks to Thanksgiving, which we in Sweden do not celebrate… Feels really good and I hope it will be enough time for my foot to get better! If it hasn’t gotten any better next Wednesday I will get an MRI, but hopefully it will get better before that! Not going anywhere over the weekend, going to spend it here in Eugene with Daan. Just relax, do some weights, some shopping (BLACK FRIDAY!), cook some good food and watch a lot of movies :)

Right now I’m actually doing some homemade müsli/granola. Just a few minutes left in the oven. It’s the first time I’m doing the müsli in the states hehe. Will see if it turns out as good as it does at home!

here is a link to a older blog post with the recipe to the müsli: