Gym time!

Went to the gym with my mum and burned off a great shoulders/arms workout! I had so much energy and felt like I could keep going for forever! It was also super hot inside the gym since it has been above 30 degrees Celsius outside today.. Luckily my mum was with me and we went home after 1hour and 40 min so I couldn’t stay all evening at the gym ;)



Friday’s workout!

Had a great workout yesterday after a long day at work (6am-4pm!), went to the gym straight after and started with some cardio on the elliptical, which I usually do because that’s what I like the most (believe it or not). Then I had a great leg workout and I had so much energy, which I didn’t expect after that long week and day of work. This is how my workout looked like (mostly legs, but did a little core as well):

Squats 15×3 (20kg)

Leg Curl 12×3 (28kg)

Leg Adductor 12×3 (35kg)

Leg Abductor 12×3 (49kgx1, 56kgx2)

Leg Extension 12×3 (35kgx1, 42kgx2)

Torso Twist 12Ex3 (25kg)

Leg Press 12×3 (51kg)

Straight Leg Cable Kickback 15Ex3 (8.75kg)

Straight Leg Cable Sidekick 12Ex3 (8.75kg)

Back Extension 12×3 (10kg)

-and 10 minutes cool down on the stairs machine


pictures from after a tennis practice last week!

Long Wednesday!

Was a long and tough day at work today, glad I survived hehe! Drove to the tennis club after and played one hour tennis on the clay and then did my weights schedule. After that I felt a little better at least! Got home to a nice salmon dinner. So nice to come home do a real cooked dinner right away after a long day! Also got my package from MMsports! Some Fitness noodles, peanut butter, jacked fuel drinks and healthy Thai curry sauces! So excited to try it all!



Relaxing Sunday!

Went for a jog in the wind, thought I was gonna blow away hehe. But I ran really slow in contrast from yesterdays run (which was this years fastest 5k for me! PR!) and it felt great and relaxing. After I did 12 short (12m) sprints to get some fast feet. Now time for omelet for lunch!


picture from yesterdays gym (leg) workout!