Nike addict

Went to the Natural Grocers store this morning just to get some new ideas for food and I found this pumpkin spice tea from Celestial. It tastes like candy! For sure a new favorite! I have a lot of school to do this week so the tea will stay by my side while I’m studying!


I also got all the Nike clothes I ordered the other day, and I’m super happy with all of it. A pair of grey tights, a white v-neck t-shirt, and a bright pink/coral top with the text TNNS on (stands for tennis).



Back Attack

Did a morning back session today at the gym! Felt really good and I can feel that I am stronger (probably because I’ve gained some kilos since I came back to the states) and not done as much tennis/cardio these last weeks.

This is what I did today, mostly back but also some abs exercises:

  • Single-arm DB row 5 sets each
  • Wide lats pulldown (front) 5 sets
  • DB Flies 5 sets
  • Cable Row 5 sets
  • Back extension on ball 5 sets
  • Wide lat pulldown (behind) 5 sets
  • Feet on ball and roll the ball back and forth 5 sets (don’t know the name for this exercise)
  • Cable cross row 4 sets
  • Plank on ball 3 sets
  • Narrow cable lat pulldown 5 sets
  • T’s and W’s on bench 5 sets each

-and then I biked easy for 15 minutes while watching ESPN hehe


I also took a gym-selfie haha trying to see if my back actually have improved or not.. :)

Those legs!

Did my leg workout today instead, and had a really tough and good workout! My legs are actually already sore haha, must have pushed myself! :)

This is what I did:
-Squats 12 sets (increased the weight and decreased the reps)
-push press superset with -good mornings 4 sets
-leg press 4 sets
-leg press single leg 4 sets each
– abductor superset -adductor 4 sets
-deadlifts 3 sets
-leg extensions 3 sets
And then my legs were so tired I could barely walk haha. Did 10 minutes cool down on the bike and then stretch. The whole workout including the biking took me like an hour.


picture from earlier this summer when I worked out with mum :)


Just have to start with saying that the fall weather is beautiful today! Clear sky, sun, but cold fresh air! I had planned to do a heavy leg workout today, but when I got back from the community service I did for “Nearby Nature” I did not feel like going inside to lift heavy weights… So I decided to do a quicker jump rope/ tabata workout! The whole workout took me about 30 minutes and I was dripping in sweat afterwards! Happy I changed my routine to do something new and different! It’s important to mix it up sometimes, because the body adapt and get used to the routines you have.

So the workout I did looked like this:
1000 jump rope (good pace)
Tabata #1: burpees (did a total of 55 burpees!)
Tabata #2: speed jump rope
Tabata #3: squats with weights (I had a 12lb DB behind my head)
Tabata #4: elbow-to-hands plank (did normal plank during the 10sec rests)
Then I did 100 easy jump rope and a good full body stretch!

If you’re really tough and want to die (at least close to) you can always do the whole thing one more time. But I was totally done after this first round!

Have a great Saturday evening everyone!

And happy birthday to my second half who is turning 21 today!! Sadly he is in Seattle playing a tournament (he won today!!) so can’t spend the day with him. ❤️

picture of Daan & I from before the football game against Stanford 🐥

Like Hotel Breakfast!

Went to the Student-Athletes breakfast today, it’s a huge buffè with everything from salads, “make-your-own-omeletes”, to waffles, yogurt, bagels and fresh fruit. The craziest thing is that all athletes get this for free 5 days a week from 7am-noon. I have just been really bad at going to it because I have had good food at home and I save time eating at home. But I actually think I will start going to this breakfast more often now, to get some variation. It is so close to me too, takes probably 5 minutes to bike there (or less).


This is how my breakfast looked like today, big bowl of vanilla greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, walnuts, pecan nuts, almonds, roasted pumpkin seeds, and some cinnamon. On the side I had some scrambled eggs, fresh strawberries, pineapple, and a pear.