Just came home from a BodyBalance workout with Mia. Felt really good to do something different and I know this kind of “workouts” are really good for my body to get a better posture, a better balance, more flexible and so on. Wish I could continue this when I get to Eugene, but that is probably not possible. Will see if I maybe can go to one more of these sessions before I fly back to the states. Tomorrow afternoon/evening Mia and I are going to try something called Cxworx and then a Box workout, they are 30 minutes each so not too long if it’s too difficult or too tough for us hehe. I’m excited to try new workouts and this new gym!

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Rest Day

My day off has been really really relaxing compared to how my days usually look. I watched a movie, Hancock, in the middle of the day (I usually don’t even like watching movie in the middle of the day, I think that’s something you only do in the evening hehe), then I took a nap for more than an hour, woke up and saw that the sun was shining so went to sit outside for a little. Then Mia texted me and she decided to come over and we went for a walk, a long walk, 10k, a perfect day off walk for me ;) . But the time and the kilometers go by so fast when you walk and talk with a good friend! We also took a swing by STC in Skara (a new gym), and good a free week, so we will try day out together starting tomorrow evening with BodyBalance! Now mum is making salmon and I think the dinner is almost ready!


Me and Mia after our walk in the sunshine!


Woke up and went out for a long morning walk, 7.5k. The weather is still pretty warm here, not dark or cold outside at 6am! Walked in 3/4 tights and a long sleeve and it was perfect. Other than the walk I think today might be a day off for me, I know that it would be good for my body. So if I don’t end up playing tennis this afternoon I will probably just relax all day. Feels so good not that I don’t have to work even though it’s Monday! Freedom!


some motivation for you all this wonderful Monday morning ;)


Played an hour tennis with Georg today and I finally moved a little better on the court! I have been feeling off every time I have played this summer, probably just because I haven’t played much at all. Now I’m gonna focus on playing more the last 10 days at home (if my shoulder allows) and hope I can get the feeling and some movement back before going back to the US. Go Ducks!


at least this fun tennis practice made me in a good mood and woke up the hopes for my tennis game a little hehe

These breakfast posts

Since I went to bed way later than I usually do yesterday I also woke up a little bit later today, which was nice because I have had a problem with always waking up way too early.. But today I woke up at 7.15am, which is still early but more a normal time hehe. Went upstairs and prepared a big oatmeal breakfast. I made some changes to what I usually do when I add the zucchini in the oatmeal and it resulted in a better not as runny oatmeal! :)  


Recipe: Put 2 dl oats and 3 dl water in a pot together with pumpkin-seeds, flax-seeds, and other seeds/nuts you want to add. Add a little of psylliumhusk and some cinnamon. After it has boiled for a little and some of the water has disappeared, add one shredded zucchini (The difference I made here was that I took out the seeds of the zucchini since they are full of water and also pressed out the water out of the shredded zucchini). Let it boil for a little longer and add peanut butter, as much as you’d like! Stir and take it off the stove and pour in a big bowl and add your toppings, I had half a banana, some blueberries, some extra peanut butter, and soy milk today. And some water melon slices on the side!

Great workout!

Had a great biceps/triceps workout today at the gym! I felt tired and not as motivated as usual before I headed to the gym, but it’s weird how those days often ends up being the best workouts. There was almost no people at the gym either (only the normal gym-rats that are always there haha) so it went easy and I had a lot of space for myself. Afterwards I was super happy, got a good stretch and was 100% motivated again. That’s what workouts can do to you, endorphins! Love it!

This is what I did today:

Biceps curls machine 10×4

Back extensions 12×4

DB One arm triceps OH push press 10Ex4

DB Alternating Biceps curls 8Ex4

DB Kickbacks 10Ex4

DB Alternating Hammer curls 8Ex4

Cable Triceps push down 10×4

Biceps curls w/ bar 6×4

DB Triceps OH push press 10×4

-and I improved on a lot of the exercises! Feels very good that all the work I put in (and food I eat) give results, getting stronger!


and hello abs, will see for how long you’re visiting this time hehe