Sore Throat..

Woke up maybe 5 times during the night because my throat was so sore, I don’t want to get sick, but I guess it’s too late now… Started the day with some hot water with honey in it and like 10 cough-drops… It feels a little better now at least. I had the biggest breakfast ever just because I felt bad for myself so now I’m really stuffed, and I’m going to relax for a while here.

ImageI hope you’ll get a great day!!

Tennis Time

Played almost an hour tennis today again, we played inside because of rain. I played okay but my arm got very tired again and felt my shoulder when I hit some strokes… not good. After the tennis I went to the gym in the tennis club and did some exercises in like 30 minutes before I left to pick up my mum and do some groceries. Now I’m home and are just going to take it easy tonight with La Familia.

Imagepicture of me my freshman year

Recovery Run

Went for a slow easy run this morning just to get my body moving and to feel good. The run ended up being 7.25 km with a really slow pace, I think it took me like 37 minutes.. but it felt very good. After the run I did this 8 minute abs workout; I know it’s old fashion, but I still like it!

ImagePicture of my run from

ImagePicture from for some motivation

August 30, 2013

Another great morning, even though it looks like it is going to rain today. But don’t worry be happy 😉

I just had oatmeal and then a bowl with müsli afterwards for breakfast, so now I’m really full.

ImageOatmeal with peanut-butter, pumpkin-seeds, cinnamon and soya milk. And of course my favorite baby spoon, hehe.

ImageBefore the tennis practice yesterday, GO DUCKS!