Had conditioning at 5 am this morning! Not the optimal time for me but felt good when it was done haha! We did sprints on the tennis court; double sideline to the other double sideline, one time, then twice, then three times back and forth and so on until ten times! My legs were pretty much dead after! But it’s so much easier doing it as a team! Go Ducks!Image

Picture from Nicole’s instagram from when we all had to take a ice bath! (hate ice baths)

The pancake house

Went to the pancake house for breakfast with the team. At least I can say I got full and have enough energy for practice now haha one big omelet with broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach and one bowl of strawberries and bananas and three pancakes! Didn’t eat the pancakes though, but the rest was already enough!!!


Today’s practice!

Played tennis for an hour and then 30 minutes elliptical before getting treatment for my shoulder. When I got home I made an omelet with red onion, spinach and tomatoes, and had some extra veggies and avocado too! Yummi 🙂 this afternoon we hve 45 minutes conditioning and then an hour weights before team dinner!

Not the best picture but this was my lunch 🙂 and now coffee!


I’m sorry for bad updates but I have been really busy here since I came and I have no Internet at home yet! We have tennis/conditioning twice a day and weights 3 times a week and between that I’ve had to fix a bunch of small stuff that has to be done! For example, I’m having an MRI next Monday to see if it’s possible to do a surgery on my shoulder… We will see! Now time for breakfast!!

After the first yea practice 🙂