Not Fun

The day yesterday did not end very well. I was suppose to do my weight program right after the tennis practice but after the first exercise I felt how I felt more and more sick so I stopped and went to the changing room to shower before meeting up my mum. But I did not get better at all, actually worse. I had an headache and could barely see clear and my stomach was in so much pain and I felt like I was going to throw up any second, but you who know me know that I can’t throw up at all, something weird with me. So My mum just drove me home and I went straight to bed around 5pm. woke up a few times but didn’t get up more than to brush my teeth once. And slept ALL night until 5.30am and now I’m up and think I’m going to eat breakfast soon. I feel much better, I just have a little of the headache left..


old picture of me playing tennis, I think it’s exactly one year old actually!


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