Played tennis in one hour and 15 minutes before I felt my shoulder, and I played OK so it was fun! Then I did my weights program:

Russian Deadlift/Back Lunge 6 x2 (20 kilos bar)

Back Extension on Ball 15 x3 (5 kg)

Back Squat 10 x4 (first set 30 kg, the others 35kg)

Good Morning 12 x3 (20 kg)

Sit ups on Ball 30x 3 (Body Weight)

Step up Blur 20 x3 (Body weight)

Cable Row 15 x3 (17.5kg)

Side Lunge 16 x3 (first set 20kg, the others 25kg)

DB Bicep Curls 8E x3 (8kg)

Posterior Flyes Side 12E x2 (3kg)

Bar Twist 12E x2 (20kg)

200 abs

After the workout I drove straight home and, pasta with pesto, chicken, avocado, roasted sunflower-seeds and a side salad, was waiting ready at the table. The best thing with being home!


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