Day Off

I have a day off from cardio/conditioning today, I just went to the tennis club to do some weights. Took about 45 minutes and I did a really good stretch afterwards, felt like my body needed that after yesterday!

This is the workout I did:

Alt. Row & Curl & Press 6E x3 (6kg)

Back Extension on Ball 15 x3 (5kg)

Backward Lunges 8E x3 (20kg on the first set, 25kg on the second and third)

Cable Row 15 x3 (17.5kg)

Biceps Curls 8E x3 (8kg)

Step Up Blur 20 x3 (BW)

Kickbacks 12E x3 (6kg)

Bar Twist 12E x3 (20kg bar)

Posterior Flyes Side 12E x2 (3kg)

Good Morning 12 x3 (20kg bar)

DB Row 12E x3 (11kg)



picture from a workout I did outside earlier this week


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  1. What do you mean by “Good morning” exercise?

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