• Last day of practice. CHECK

Tomorrow we just have a team meeting in the early morning at 7am and that’s the last thing with the coaches+ the team that the coaches can decide for this term. Will still of course practice with the team during the last 2.5 weeks before I go home, but without the coaches then.

Just had an skype date with Erika, Finally! Was really fun. She is always in a good mood! Also I finished my math HW, so now I’m going to go home, do some readings and then eat lunch before heading to treatment and so on…

Have a great day!


me & my love

Sunday Funday

I got so much done today, feels good to have a whole day and just check off your “to-do-list”. I started the day waking up to my favorite person in the world and then after breakfast I went to the gym to do some cardio. After that I went home, showered, finished a 3 page paper and a one page paper, then I took a “break” and cleaned my whole room and bathroom while I also made laundry. The I made scrambled eggs for lunch and continued to study some math, which actually did not go very well… have to finish it with my tutor tomorrow morning. Then I organized some stuff here in my room and cleaned my bike, haha. Then I went to the gym and biked a little and did the exercises for my shoulder. The shower, doing my nails, then cälee came and picked me up to do huge grocery shopping (mum&dad I used your credit card today, hehe). Then I came home made some quinoa and pesto for dinner and wrote another 2 page paper and now I’m planning the rest of the week. Short week coming up with only 3 days of school/practice before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving means nothing else to me than a four day long weekend! Wiihoo!

Now time to go to bed! Long day tomorrow!


being silly with these two brunettes

November 17, 2013

I wish I could be at two places at the same time! Have a lot to do today, a lot to study for this week. Right now I’m sitting at the library here on campus, and this post is my little study break! Had a rough morning because both our fridge and freezer broke so had to throw away a lot of food that got bad and had to cook all the chicken and salmon I had in the freezer to be able to save it a little longer. Cooking a big amount of meat at 7 am is not very nice, still feel like I stink chicken, haha. After that I went to play tennis with Pascale, which actually went pretty well. Felt good to relax my brain a little and just play. After that we had a team meeting about our goals. After I got home and showered and had lunch I went here to the library with a quick stop at Starbucks hehe. Tonight Natasha and Pascale is coming over to help me eat some of the cooked food!

The worst news today; out team have a punishment from our coaches (because someone was not enough warmed up for conditioning last Thursday) so we have intervals tmrw at 5am!! So need to be there like 4.45 to be warmed up by 5! Crazy… not normal at all. But I guess I will feel better after those intervals hehe.


This guy always make me happy, especially when eating Swedish cookies (Ballerina kakor).

Gluten Free

Sitting on a cafe now before my second class of today. Was just thinking about that I have felt much better these past 20 days, because of my choice of stop eating gluten. I have had no stomach pains at all and I feel like it is actually easier for me to focus on school! So an tips for people struggling with concentration, have stomach pain or headaches often, try gluten free in 30 days and see if you notice a difference! I got the idea from Charlotte, who knows a ton about nutrition. You can follow her blog here:

just wanted to share that with you all.



me on the bus 😀

November 6, 2013

Just thought I should check in here, since it was a while ago I published my last blog post. I just got home from a long busy day. I started the day waking up next to the best person in the whole world. Then I biked home had breakfast and went straight to the gym to do some light cardio. Did 40 minutes on the bike + some abs. After that I walked home showered, made coffee and went to class. Class from 9-12 and then home for scrambled eggs to lunch. In the scrambled eggs I added turkey, red onion, red pepper, spinach and pesto sauce! Also had half an avocado and an apple. Then I did some studying and cleaned my bathroom before my second coffee of the day! At 2:30pm I biked to get treatment and then I played 45 minutes tennis, den we had 45 minutes tough conditioning, lots of sprints (!!) and then we had an hour weights. Now I’m home, just finished a chicken salad and about to start reading for some of my classes.

Hope you all are doing great!


Picture from Halloween last weekend! #sexyteacher #cowgirl #cat