November 6, 2013

Just thought I should check in here, since it was a while ago I published my last blog post. I just got home from a long busy day. I started the day waking up next to the best person in the whole world. Then I biked home had breakfast and went straight to the gym to do some light cardio. Did 40 minutes on the bike + some abs. After that I walked home showered, made coffee and went to class. Class from 9-12 and then home for scrambled eggs to lunch. In the scrambled eggs I added turkey, red onion, red pepper, spinach and pesto sauce! Also had half an avocado and an apple. Then I did some studying and cleaned my bathroom before my second coffee of the day! At 2:30pm I biked to get treatment and then I played 45 minutes tennis, den we had 45 minutes tough conditioning, lots of sprints (!!) and then we had an hour weights. Now I’m home, just finished a chicken salad and about to start reading for some of my classes.

Hope you all are doing great!


Picture from Halloween last weekend! #sexyteacher #cowgirl #cat


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