Gluten Free

Sitting on a cafe now before my second class of today. Was just thinking about that I have felt much better these past 20 days, because of my choice of stop eating gluten. I have had no stomach pains at all and I feel like it is actually easier for me to focus on school! So an tips for people struggling with concentration, have stomach pain or headaches often, try gluten free in 30 days and see if you notice a difference! I got the idea from Charlotte, who knows a ton about nutrition. You can follow her blog here:

just wanted to share that with you all.



me on the bus 😀


2 thoughts on “Gluten Free

  1. Just gone gluten free too…exactly as you say, feel so much better, more energy, more focus. Able to train and recover so much better too. And being on a bus is just cool! 🙂

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