Sunday Funday

I got so much done today, feels good to have a whole day and just check off your “to-do-list”. I started the day waking up to my favorite person in the world and then after breakfast I went to the gym to do some cardio. After that I went home, showered, finished a 3 page paper and a one page paper, then I took a “break” and cleaned my whole room and bathroom while I also made laundry. The I made scrambled eggs for lunch and continued to study some math, which actually did not go very well… have to finish it with my tutor tomorrow morning. Then I organized some stuff here in my room and cleaned my bike, haha. Then I went to the gym and biked a little and did the exercises for my shoulder. The shower, doing my nails, then cälee came and picked me up to do huge grocery shopping (mum&dad I used your credit card today, hehe). Then I came home made some quinoa and pesto for dinner and wrote another 2 page paper and now I’m planning the rest of the week. Short week coming up with only 3 days of school/practice before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving means nothing else to me than a four day long weekend! Wiihoo!

Now time to go to bed! Long day tomorrow!


being silly with these two brunettes


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