December 30, 2013

Woke up before 5am today again and couldn’t fall back to sleep so went for a little walk and then when I came back I had a BIG breakfast: buckwheat with pumpkinseeds, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, berries, banana and peanut butter! Now I’m drinking coffee and it’s almost time to bike to practice.

Tried my new Nike tights 💪✌️

Picture of my breakfast, and I actually ate two bowls of this size haha I’m Pretty full right now, but it tasted so good:)

Curry and Vegetable Soup

Tried a new recipe for dinner today and it’s probably something I will do again. I did a curry and vegetable soup, very easy, quick and cheap to make!

Ingredients for 1 person:

1 onion

2tsk curry

1msk butter (I used coconut oil)

200g mushrooms

1 big carrot

1 vegetable buljong

4dl water

1 piece of garlic

1msk tomato puree (I took 2msk)

4msk creme fraiche (I used cottage cheese)

salt and pepper

Sorry that the measurements are in Swedish style but I found the recipe in a Swedish fitness magazine!

Do this: chop the onion and the mushrooms. but the onion with the butter (coconut oil) and the curry in a pot until the onion gets soft. Add the mushrooms and when all the water is gone add the rest of the ingredients except the carrot. And let boil on low heat for 7-10 min. Chop the carrot in small pieces and add in the last minute before taking the soup off the heat. DONE!


This recipe was enough for two bowls of this size which was a good amount for me.


Today’s conditioning consisted of three different stations as well. We started with warming up and 5 min jump rope and then these three stations:

#1 LEGS: 45 degree lunges (5 each leg), reverse Lunge with high knee (5 each), squats with calf raises (7).


#2 ARMS: Walk over medicine ball (8), floor toss with med ball (5), military press with sandbag (8).


#3 INTENSITY: treadmills 15sec, burpees 15sec, high knees 15sec.


And then we did abs 30 (different abs exercises)  x 9

Then I took a 30 min power-walk home, the picture is from my walk hehe.


December 29, 2013

My jet-lag is not better at all today, I actually feel more tired and exhausted than yesterday. Feels at least a little Better now after the first practice! Played almost 2 hours if tennis and then some short sprints/movements after. My shoulder that have bothered me a little again the last few days felt again a little better today and as long as it’s going in the right direction I’m happy! After the practice I biked home and had lunch. 3 scrambled eggs mixed with broccoli and pesto (my favorite right now) and some salad left overs from yesterday.


Now I’m gonna take a well deserved nap so that I have energy for the conditioning workout this afternoon!