Homemade Protein bars

Have a lot of free time today and do not even really feel like working out so I thought I should bake something, which ended up being protein bars, hehe. Don’t really now if I can call it “bake” because it was pretty much just to mix all the ingredients and put them in the fridge for a little while. I have not tried them because they are not gluten free, so I will let my mum and dad eat them if they’re not too scared to eat something I’ve made hehe.


I found the original recipe here: http://www.tasty-health.se/2013/03/appelpaj-proteinbars-no-bake.html (Swedish health blog) but I changed it a little bit because I didn’t have all the ingredients here, so I took mashed banana instead of apple puree and coconut flakes and sesame seeds instead of wheat bran. I hope it will taste good though!


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