Today’s conditioning consisted of three different stations as well. We started with warming up and 5 min jump rope and then these three stations:

#1 LEGS: 45 degree lunges (5 each leg), reverse Lunge with high knee (5 each), squats with calf raises (7).


#2 ARMS: Walk over medicine ball (8), floor toss with med ball (5), military press with sandbag (8).


#3 INTENSITY: treadmills 15sec, burpees 15sec, high knees 15sec.


And then we did abs 30 (different abs exercises)  x 9

Then I took a 30 min power-walk home, the picture is from my walk hehe.



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  1. Doesn’t your coach/program feed you guys pretty much anytime you need to eat? Prob get a full ride scholy and all. seems like they would have a nutritionist make a plan for each individual…..?

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