Curry and Vegetable Soup

Tried a new recipe for dinner today and it’s probably something I will do again. I did a curry and vegetable soup, very easy, quick and cheap to make!

Ingredients for 1 person:

1 onion

2tsk curry

1msk butter (I used coconut oil)

200g mushrooms

1 big carrot

1 vegetable buljong

4dl water

1 piece of garlic

1msk tomato puree (I took 2msk)

4msk creme fraiche (I used cottage cheese)

salt and pepper

Sorry that the measurements are in Swedish style but I found the recipe in a Swedish fitness magazine!

Do this: chop the onion and the mushrooms. but the onion with the butter (coconut oil) and the curry in a pot until the onion gets soft. Add the mushrooms and when all the water is gone add the rest of the ingredients except the carrot. And let boil on low heat for 7-10 min. Chop the carrot in small pieces and add in the last minute before taking the soup off the heat. DONE!


This recipe was enough for two bowls of this size which was a good amount for me.


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