January 4, 2014

So today was not a fun day, but I pushed it through. We had tennis practice 2.5 hours this morning and I started to get a headache right in the beginning of the practice and it was freezing cold in the tennis center! So I didn’t feel very well during those hours.. The trainer said that the headache came most likely from the treatment she did, so at least I know why. But I got home had lunch and took a nap but it didn’t help. Had to bike back to the courts for conditioning again and I made it out alive from conditioning even though I felt like crap the whole hour. Not very fun and I actually felt way worse after so I just biked home, showered really fast and went to sleep. Woke up five hours later when my love knocked on the door hehe. So that was an looong nap and I actually feel better now!

However, the conditioning workout we did was fist our team warm up (running and stretching around the courts) then some warm up sprints, 5 times to the net and back in a 60% speed, then 70% 4 times, then 80% 3 times, 90% twice and 100% once. Then we did doubles side lines to doubles side line on one court 10 times under 1.10 min, I think the whole team made in on 1.05! Then we did 4 suicide sprints and some shuffle sprints before doing some strength/intensity.

Circuit #1: 20 med ball tosses with partner, 10 burpees and 10 squats with sandbaq


Circuit #2: 5 lunges each leg with sandbag, 20 treadmills and 10 floor tosses with med ball.


Circuit #3: was abs, 30 x9 abs exercises.

If would not have felt so bad during this conditioning hour I would really have liked it. I like the intensity circuits 🙂


old picture of me biking before a tennis practice at home in Sweden


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