Februari 27, 2014

Just got done with a final for my online class, which means I’m done with one class for this term! Three more to go, I have my other finals during finals week (in 3 weeks) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then we are leaving to Arizona to play on Thursday and will be gone ALL spring break.

And today we also practiced outdoors for the first time this year! The weather was really nice, I have missed the sun! Hope the weather will keep being nice and sunny instead of rainy now! tomorrow I have early morning practice and after that I’m getting a haircut and then going to the Nike store to spend some money, I’m excited hehe. Then at 5pm is a big match for the Men’s tennis who play against Washington so I will of course be there and support them, especially my awesome amazing boyfriend!


One amazing year

Had one year together with Daan the 23rd February! He played a match that day so I was watching him kick some ass and then in the evening we went to a restaurant called La Perla, which is one of my favorites in Eugene! Daan gave me some anniversary presents, a bracelet and a matching necklace! So cute!

So crazy that it has already been one year together with him, times goes so fast, but I couldn’t be happier! 😊❤️


picture taken at La Perla


Got the W today in our match against Akron! Lana and I killed our doubles match 8-0 and then Lou and Lina finished their match with a win too to take the lead with 1-0 after doubles. Then we won 5 out if 6 singles, I won my match 6-36-2. So Ducks 6 Akron 1. Go Ducks!

When I came home I made this recovery smoothie with frozen strawberries, a banana, almond milk and two scoops vanilla protein powder! 😃👍💪