Got a weights workout in this afternoon even though I was thinking if skipping it because of the nice weather, but feels really good now!

Started with 200 abs
DB squat and press 6reps x 2 (20kg)
Back squat 8reps x 3 ( 40,45,50kg)
Military press with the bar 8reps x3 (20 kg)
Alternating DB narrow bench press 12reps x 3 (25,25,30kg)
Walking lunges with twist 12 x 3 (10kg plate)
DB tricep press 12 x 3 (15kg)
Kickbacks 12 x 3 (7kg)
Back extension 12 x 3 (5kg)
Pizza pies 10 x 3 (5kg)
Shoulder Rotators 10 x 2 (5 kg)

And now I’m sitting on the bike cooling down 🙂


Can barely hold up my phone now, that’s how tired my shoulders/arms got from this circuit! Did the circuit on the picture and had 20kg dumbbells on the first two exercises and 10 kg dumbbells on the next two and then body weight on the walking plank and 10 or 20kg on the last exercise. Between the sets I biked fast for 1 minute before starting the next lap(and a total of 4 laps)!


happy girl after a good workout!

Lunch time

For lunch today I mixed different vegetables together with eggs and pesto sauce and I guess it ended up like something in-between a omelet and scrambled eggs hehe.

I used fresh broccoli, chickpeas, spinach, red pepper, snow peas and then 3 eggs, and about 3 spoons of pesto sauce and some black pepper! Delicious and simple! 🙂


Weights and dinner!

Did a good weights workout today at the Cas!

And I made a lentil/tomato soup after the workout for dinner! The soup was very easy to make:
Ingredients: (for 2 people)
1 onion
1 can tomato sauce
1 vegetable broth
1 tsk curry
2.5 dl coconut milk
1.5 dl water
1 tsk basilica
Salt and pepper
Half a can chickpeas
2 dl lentils

Start with “frying” the onion in coconut oil and add curry and basilica spices. Then mix in everything else except the chickpeas and let boil as long as the lentils need to be soft. 3 minutes before the time is up add the chickpeas and then it’s done 🙂


hope you can read the workout.. I added some exercises at the end 🙂

Day off

Have had a very productive day off so far. Had class 8.30-11.20 (had a quiz in both those classes) and then I went home to eat and cleaned the fridge because it was empty anyways hehe. Then I walked to campus to do the third quiz of the day. The teacher corrected it right away and got 10/10 so was happy with that! Then I went to Matt knight arena for treatment for my foot ( can’t wait until it’s good again so that I an run!!!) and then Natasha picked me up from the arena to go to costco for some grocery shopping ( have to fill my fridge up again of course hehe) and just got back home and gonna make dinner soon and then bike to Jaqua and study for my midterm tmrw morning!


pictures from when we was in California over spring break! It’s Lina jumping on the first picture hehe