Got a weights workout in this afternoon even though I was thinking if skipping it because of the nice weather, but feels really good now!

Started with 200 abs
DB squat and press 6reps x 2 (20kg)
Back squat 8reps x 3 ( 40,45,50kg)
Military press with the bar 8reps x3 (20 kg)
Alternating DB narrow bench press 12reps x 3 (25,25,30kg)
Walking lunges with twist 12 x 3 (10kg plate)
DB tricep press 12 x 3 (15kg)
Kickbacks 12 x 3 (7kg)
Back extension 12 x 3 (5kg)
Pizza pies 10 x 3 (5kg)
Shoulder Rotators 10 x 2 (5 kg)

And now I’m sitting on the bike cooling down 🙂


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