Easy healthy cupcakes!

Tried to bake some healthy and gluten free cupcakes, haven’t tried them yet but they look exactly like on the picture hehe


1 mashed banana

1tbs baking powder

0.5 dl shredded coconut

0.5 dl coconut flour

1 dl oats

1 dl yoghurt

0.5 dl water

fresh raspberries and blueberries

–> mix everything in a bowl and then put in the oven in cupcake forms for 30 min in 175 C!




got the recipe from @itsallaboutbeingfit on instagram

101 Trophies and 1000000 memories!

Cleaning out our house because we are going to move the coming weeks. Started with unpacking all my trophies I’ve won during my tennis career, minus a few I couldn’t find and a few I have in the states. It’s a lot of sweat, money, nervousness, happiness, and dedication behind all these prices! I started playing tournaments when I was 10 years old, and now 12 years later I have more than 101 trophies… I’m going to throw most of them away, sad but true. I have no use for them? I will just save the ones that I have strong memories attached to and the ones I’m the most proud of. I have one more year left playing tennis for the University of Oregon, but I knoe that tennis will for sure always be a part of my life and who I am!




Had two great days in Stockholm! Took the train with my mum yesterday and met up with Gabriella for some shopping and dinner. Was great to see her after such a long time! Then when she had to go I met up mum and her friends at Vapiano, a restaurant, and had some tea. It was a really nice place! Today I went for a 6k run along the water, so beautiful there! And then hotel breakfast with mum before meeting up her friend for more shopping! I met up Isabelle and her boyfriend for lunch at Kalori and walked around a little with her! Have missed her since she left the states!! Then I grabbed a coffee before the train home! Now I’m feeling pretty tired and slow after a long day of shopping! But I had a great time and Stockholm is such a good city! 🙂






some pictures from the weekend!

Curry Noodle Wok

I like spicy food and got a little too excited when I made this noodle wok with fitness noodles, sliced turkey, broccoli, corn, edameme beans, sprouts, and yellow pepper. I added a lot of curry spice and black pepper and it was a little too spicy when I tried it hehe. But it worked well and tasted good after adding two spoons of cottage cheese and eating melon on the side!