workout at home!

Didn’t really feel like going to the gym in the morning so I did a easier workout at home outside in the garden, the only thing you need for this workout is a jump rope and a watch! It’s pretty windy outside here today but the sun is out and it’s warm enough to be in t-shirt and shorts, so a outdoor workout was actually perfect!

This is the little workout I made myself and it took me about 50 minutes to finish everything 🙂

Circuit #1:

500 jump rope

100 jumping jacks

50 high knees

50 treadmills

5 burpees

1 min rest


Circuit #2:

60 sec plank

20 jumping lunges alternating

20 squats

30 sec side-plank right side

30 sec side-plank left side


500 jump rope as a cool-down and then stretch!


picture from after the workout!


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