gym gym gym

Went to the gym today after work, but my legs and actually my whole body was so tired and sore after my run yesterday and a long work week so I took it really easy. Did 10 minutes elliptical as a warm up and then a 30 min leg and core workout and 10 minutes biking as a cool down after.



Some selfies from the gym today, was almost alone in the gym which is always nice! Can use the machines I want without worrying about other people taking them. Was wearing one of my favorite workout t-shirts! A pink Nike t-shirt I got from my wonderful boyfriend on my birthday 🙂

Afternoon Run

Long day at work again, but now more than half the week is done! Feels good! Took a Jacked Fuel drink (Strawberry/Kiwi) when I came home and then went out for a run in the sunny weather. Was mentally tough to get my legs moving after standing at work for so long, but after a while it started to feel easier to run. I ran low but it ended up being about 10 k so I’m happy with that and felt really good after! Afterwards I did a little leg circuit of:

20 Airplane (search for airplane exercise on google to see)

20 alternating lunges

10 squats with calf raises



red face after the run!

Back and shoulder workout


It’s really tough for me to work the morning weeks because of the super early morning and long hours of work (6am-3.30pm) and then after work I’m always tired. But today I went to the gym and it felt great! Ran a little on the treadmill and then I did about 40 minutes back/arms/shoulders. Felt strong! Took some BCAA before the gym so I guess that helped me a little with my energy. When I came home mum had dinner ready! Bbq salmon with a fresh wok of a lot of different vegetables, one of my new favorite dishes!

Added some pictures from when Daan and I was at the gym, I know that my legs look unbelievable long on the second picture haha.

feels empthy now after having Daan here in a week and now he’s home in Holland again.. but the time will go fast and in 3 weeks I will be with him again in Holland 🙂

Gym time!

Went to the gym with my mum and burned off a great shoulders/arms workout! I had so much energy and felt like I could keep going for forever! It was also super hot inside the gym since it has been above 30 degrees Celsius outside today.. Luckily my mum was with me and we went home after 1hour and 40 min so I couldn’t stay all evening at the gym 😉