Happy Leg Workout!

Had a leg workout today at the gym and it felt really good! Did a 30 minutes warm-up on the elliptical (watched Vampire Diaries at the same time so the time went fast!). Then I did a 30 minutes leg workout and two core exercises. Took it a little easy with the weight on most of the machines because I want to be able to walk tomorrow hehe. I actually wrote what I did today to keep my motivation up so here it is:

Leg Curl 12×3 (21kgx1, 28kgx2)

Leg Extension 12×3 (28kg)

Hip Abductor 12×3 (42kg)

Hip Adductor 12×3 (28kg)

Torso Twist 12 each side x3 (25kg)

Leg Press 12×3 (37kgx1, 44kgx2)

Straight Leg Kickback 12 each leg x3 (6.25kg)

Straight Leg Sidekick 12 each leg x3 (6.25kg)

Back Extension 12×3 (10kq)

Then I did 10 minutes on the stairs machine as a cool down.



I was almost alone at the gym today so took a quick selfie hehe


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