Sunny Sunday!

Didn’t sleep many hour last night, thing I slept a total of 5 or 5.5 hours so I was pretty tired all day until this afternoon when I took a Celsius drink hehe. Anyway, my day started with a 5k PW when I woke up around 5 and then a big breakfast before driving to the tennis club to play some tennis with Ilir. We only played for like 45 minutes because we both were so tired and not really motivated today for playing. Then I drove home, took a quick nap before my brother and his girlfriend arrived for lunch. (Mum had made a dish with quorn and brown rice). Then I took my lovely Celsius drink and mum and I went to the gym! It was so warm outside today (around 27C) so it was pretty hot in the gym too, but I had a great workout! Did 40 minutes elliptical, 40 minutes arms/abs and then cool down on the bike for 10 minutes. And for dinner I made myself banana pancakes with peanut butter protein powder and cottage cheese and more peanut butter on top!


today’s lunch


today’s dinner, so good!

Mixed 1 mashed banana with 2 whole eggs and 1 scoop peanut butter protein powder (enough for 3 medium sized pancakes like on the picture) and made the pancakes in coconut oil and served them with more peanut butter and cottage cheese!


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