Friday’s workout!

Had a great workout yesterday after a long day at work (6am-4pm!), went to the gym straight after and started with some cardio on the elliptical, which I usually do because that’s what I like the most (believe it or not). Then I had a great leg workout and I had so much energy, which I didn’t expect after that long week and day of work. This is how my workout looked like (mostly legs, but did a little core as well):

Squats 15×3 (20kg)

Leg Curl 12×3 (28kg)

Leg Adductor 12×3 (35kg)

Leg Abductor 12×3 (49kgx1, 56kgx2)

Leg Extension 12×3 (35kgx1, 42kgx2)

Torso Twist 12Ex3 (25kg)

Leg Press 12×3 (51kg)

Straight Leg Cable Kickback 15Ex3 (8.75kg)

Straight Leg Cable Sidekick 12Ex3 (8.75kg)

Back Extension 12×3 (10kg)

-and 10 minutes cool down on the stairs machine


pictures from after a tennis practice last week!


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