Had a great gym session this morning with focus on my shoulders/upper back because I know that I really need to improve and get stronger there. Have had my shoulder injury for more than 1.5 years now and being strong on the backside of my shoulder is important for me to get better and have less pain. Some of my favorite exercises that I did today was lat pull-down, military press with the bar, cable row, and rear raise. I always have to focus really hard to use the right muscles (backside of my shoulder instead of the front) to not get pain in my shoulder. Today was a good day and I felt really good doing all the exercises!


Had a Questbar after the workout! Almond Vanilla Crunch.

Mum and I also ordered a bunch of new stuff from MMsports this morning before she went to work! 2 peanut butter, Casein chocolate powder, gym gloves, a pink shaker, coconut oil, and some D-Vitamin. I’m excited about the pink shaker hehe


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