Took a lovely PW this morning again listening to a podcast, before my big breakfast and then around 8am I drive to the tennis club for tennis practice. The tennis felt alright, I just have to get more used to play points and matches again because I am not moving well on the court, but if we are just hitting in the middle or cross court and so on I feel great. Planned to do my Oregon weights workout after the tennis in the little gym there but it was full so had to do a little simpler type of workout, but it ended up almost as it should have anyway! Then I drove home, prepared a chocolate casein mix put it in the fridge, took a shower and then straight to bed to take a 15 min nap. Exactly what I needed! When I woke up I finished the casein mix and made banana pancakes, delicious! Just mix 1 mashed banana with 2 eggs and 1 scoop protein powder and fry in coconut oil! I ate it with the casein mix (somewhat failed because it was to runny, but taste the same anyways!), fresh raspberries and melon and carrots on the side. Healthy, easy, and delicious. 🙂


yes I was wearing a hat again during my walk, just in case it was gonna rain hehe


walk, walk, walk 🙂


my lunch today 🙂


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