Awesome Friday!

Have had a great Friday, got so much done! Went for a run as I wrote earlier, skyped with my love for a while, had a fresh salad for lunch, went to the gym for an hour leg workout, biked home together with mum who ended work at the same time I finished the workout, then we drove to Skövde for some shopping. I bought two sweaters/cardigans and two tops! Then we bought sushi with us and picked up my package from MMSports I ordered the other day. When we came home we ate the sushi, long time since I had it so tasted really good! Also had a passion fruit quark with fresh blueberries for a little dessert. Then mum and I went for a little walk and now I’m watching the third episode of Crisis! And tomorrow is going to be a new great day!

These are the exercises I did at the gym today:

  • Deadlifts 5 sets (my new favorite exercise!)
  • Leg press 4 sets
  • Hip abductor 4 sets
  • Hip adductor 4 sets
  • Leg curls 4 sets
  • Leg extensions 4 sets
  • Good mornings 4 sets
  • Squats w/ kettlebell 4 sets


my new pink shaker from


Quark with fresh blueberries




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