Curious Girl

Woke up early and saw the sun shining outside so I decided to take a little walk (I actually was thinking a really short walk for like maybe 15 minutes just to get some air) but I started walking and saw these green “walk for health”-signs along the path walk and got curious and started follow them. It resulted in a waaaay longer morning walk then I had planned, they never ended haha. but it was fun and the time went by fast because I was listening to a podcast on my iPhone. I didn’t follow the signs all the way around cuz when I came back to where I recognized myself I stopped following the signs and walked straight home. It ended up being a 9.2k walk, the longest I have ever walked (I usually walk around 3-5k when I go for PW or morning walks). But it felt very good when I came back and ate a double portion oatmeal/cottage cheese/yoghurt/quark breakfast!




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