My goal right now is to gain weight (preferable muscles) so I have been eating a ton of food this week. My stomach is all bloated from the amount of food I’ve been eating, but I just have to stand it because my little belly is going to get used to it soon! Had a little special gym session this morning, changed it up a little because I know it’s not “good” do the same things and routines every time you work out because your body get used to it. So I started with 15 minutes on the rowing machine and then I did about 45 minutes of full body weight. I did my Oregon weight program so I did not focus on a specific muscle group. Felt good and my body got really tired after!


Jacked Fuel drink Strawberry/Kiwi flavor!


Todays lunch, this plate X2! It’s one of my favorite dishes, would you want me to share the recipe here on the blog?


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