Peanut butter and Chili Wok

The feeling when you are going to make lunch and you just take what you can find in the fridge and freezer and it ends up being like the tastiest dish you have ever eaten! That’s what happened to me right now. I made a peanut butter and chili wok and just used what I had at home.



sliced turkey

fitness noodles (from

mixed wok vegetables (broccoli, chestnuts, carrots, bamboo sprouts, corn)

chopped red onion

chopped garlic

soy sauce

coconut oil

peanut butter (with chili flavor) -found this in the grocery store the other day, delicious!

Do this: Start by roasting the sesame-seeds in a pan, take them off and put on a plate when they got a little color. Add coconut oil to the heated pan and add the mixed wok vegetables and the garlic, red onion, and the sliced turkey. Let it get some color for a few minutes, add some black pepper if you’d like. Then add the fitness noodles together with some soy sauce and about 2 tbs of the peanut butter. Let it get warm and add the sesame-seeds. Then it’s ready to serve! SO DELICIOUS!


Can’t wait for lunch time tomorrow so I can cook it again! Haha


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