Love Sundays!

I love Sundays, especially after a long week of practice with a busy schedule. A day off is so much nicer when you don’t have it as often! Even though I have it off I still have a bunch of plans and things I need to get done. Going to clean my room, do some laundry, do grocery shopping, meet up Britt at Starbucks (long time since I saw her!), and go to the Opening Ceremonies for Student-Athletes.

Some pictures we have taken so far my SENIOR YEAR:






Long time since I posted something here, have had two pretty busy weeks with my team with practices and workouts every day! And school starts on Monday, my last year in college! We will actually leave for a tournament right away the first week to Washington state!

Since I don’t have much else to say more than I have played a ton of tennis the last two weeks and done some running tests, workouts, and dinners with the team I will post the recipe to the simple but delicious dinner I just ate:

Chicken + Veggie Wok:
I used chicken, a veggie-wok mix, garlic, sesame seeds, sesame oil, chili flakes, and gluten free soy sauce. Fry everything in a pan on medium-high heat until it’s all cooked through! 😃


Go Ducks!


As usual when I get back to the states and practice, team activities, school, and other things get started I do not have time to write as much on my blog. The style of my blog changes a little as well. Even though I want to write mostly about healthy and gluten free recipes and my strength training as I do over summer, I can’t while in school because I do not do much strength training on my own (we have weights as a team two or three times a week). I also do not cook as much new recipes (and I don’t have a mum here who cooks the food I’d like). When I do cook new dishes or do my own weights I don’t always have the time or motivation to share it here on the blog since I am not at all consistent with the blog anymore. I hope that’s understandable. It’s gonna be more posts about my daily life, tennis practices and tournaments, my team and travels, and also about school and my thoughts. I will of course still write some posts about strength training, fitness as well as recipes and tips about how to live a healthy lifestyle since I’m very interested in those things!

I’m sorry this post wasn’t very organized hehe but you get my point! And don’t forget to check out my instagram @sofiahager


me and my other half! Don’t know what I would do without this guy ❤


picture of my team from earlier today when we were painting our teamroom haha #teambounding

First practice 2014/2015

Had the first practice with the coaches and 3 people (those who are here already) from my team this morning. Felt really good to be out there in the court as a team again. Even though Lina and I didn’t sleep much last night, she got back around midnight and the jet-lag just didn’t let us sleep… It was a pretty short practice, just hitting balls for a little more than an hour, exactly what I needed. Tomorrow the whole team should be here and we have a compliance and team meeting and probably practice in the afternoon. Feels great to be back! Go Ducks!


In the US again!

I’m in Seattle! After a long flight and a lot of waiting in different queues and for my suitcase (and some running at London Heathrow airport to make my flight) I’m now sitting here eating an small expensive chicken salad waiting for my last short flight to Eugene (I have a 6h layover now…). Will reward myself with a vanilla latte from Starbucks soon, I have missed Starbucks over the summer! Have a feeling I might spend too much money there the next coming weeks..


Next time I’m writing a blog post I’ll be in my apartment in Eugene! Can’t wait!

Aloe Vera Drink

I just bought home this drink a few days ago and bought it in natural and pomegranate flavor, and I love them both! Too bad I didn’t start buying them earlier this summer because I’m in doubt they have something similar in the states. Anyone who knows if there is any sugar free Aloe Vera drinks that are made natural and with almost no calories in the US? And where to find it? 🙂