Rest Day

My day off has been really really relaxing compared to how my days usually look. I watched a movie, Hancock, in the middle of the day (I usually don’t even like watching movie in the middle of the day, I think that’s something you only do in the evening hehe), then I took a nap for more than an hour, woke up and saw that the sun was shining so went to sit outside for a little. Then Mia texted me and she decided to come over and we went for a walk, a long walk, 10k, a perfect day off walk for me 😉 . But the time and the kilometers go by so fast when you walk and talk with a good friend! We also took a swing by STC in Skara (a new gym), and good a free week, so we will try day out together starting tomorrow evening with BodyBalance! Now mum is making salmon and I think the dinner is almost ready!


Me and Mia after our walk in the sunshine!


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