Healthy and Happy!

I only have three more days left here in Sweden before I take the flight back to the states for another year at University of Oregon, my senior year playing for the Women’s Tennis Team. This morning when I woke up I went out for a run and during the run I started to think about this summer that has passed. Running is the best time for me to think and relax my mind. I have learned a lot these three months at home. Had a new job that was really tough for me both mentally and psychically, but I pushed through the nine weeks and got stronger mentally! I have also worked a lot on my body strength, and I have felt and noticed that I’m stronger now. I feel more fit, faster, and stronger. And most important it makes me feel more healthy and happy! I feel the strength especially on the tennis court, even though I haven’t played as much tennis as normal and would need some more training before my game is back on track again I do feel stronger and more alert when I play! So with all this I felt like sharing some motivational quotes I found on Pinterest and also selfie taken this morning after my run. 🙂


Be patient, the results will come!




…and to get better in tennis hehe




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