Last day in Sweden

The time has gone so fast but also so slow up to this day, when I was working during summer every day felt so long and like the weeks lasted forever, but these three last weeks have been flying by! I can barely believe that I am leaving to go back to Eugene early tomorrow morning. I have had a great summer with of course both ups and downs, but mostly ups 🙂 and I am excited to go back to the states. I’m ready to start my last year in college and make the best year out of it! And then I will be back in Sweden in the middle of June 2015 (!!) hehe

Today I had tennis practice at 6.45 am, so I’m getting used to wake up early again hehe, and it went well! Since I am a morning person I have no problem with getting up early to workout, I actually prefer working out in the morning! After the tennis I did some weights for the whole body since I know it will be a few days without any tennis or weights now with traveling and so on… Now I’m just at home, trying to finish my packing, and just relaxing. I booked a spinning session for this afternoon, which I’m really excited about too! Has been a while since I went to spinning now, and I know it will not happen in the states, at least not often…

I will try to write something in the blog from the layovers when I travel if the internet is good enough! Otherwise I’ll write when I’m back in my lovely apartment in Eugene! 🙂


the best photo from this summer haha


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