As usual when I get back to the states and practice, team activities, school, and other things get started I do not have time to write as much on my blog. The style of my blog changes a little as well. Even though I want to write mostly about healthy and gluten free recipes and my strength training as I do over summer, I can’t while in school because I do not do much strength training on my own (we have weights as a team two or three times a week). I also do not cook as much new recipes (and I don’t have a mum here who cooks the food I’d like). When I do cook new dishes or do my own weights I don’t always have the time or motivation to share it here on the blog since I am not at all consistent with the blog anymore. I hope that’s understandable. It’s gonna be more posts about my daily life, tennis practices and tournaments, my team and travels, and also about school and my thoughts. I will of course still write some posts about strength training, fitness as well as recipes and tips about how to live a healthy lifestyle since I’m very interested in those things!

I’m sorry this post wasn’t very organized hehe but you get my point! And don’t forget to check out my instagram @sofiahager


me and my other half! Don’t know what I would do without this guy ❤


picture of my team from earlier today when we were painting our teamroom haha #teambounding


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