Back Attack

Did a morning back session today at the gym! Felt really good and I can feel that I am stronger (probably because I’ve gained some kilos since I came back to the states) and not done as much tennis/cardio these last weeks.

This is what I did today, mostly back but also some abs exercises:

  • Single-arm DB row 5 sets each
  • Wide lats pulldown (front) 5 sets
  • DB Flies 5 sets
  • Cable Row 5 sets
  • Back extension on ball 5 sets
  • Wide lat pulldown (behind) 5 sets
  • Feet on ball and roll the ball back and forth 5 sets (don’t know the name for this exercise)
  • Cable cross row 4 sets
  • Plank on ball 3 sets
  • Narrow cable lat pulldown 5 sets
  • T’s and W’s on bench 5 sets each

-and then I biked easy for 15 minutes while watching ESPN hehe


I also took a gym-selfie haha trying to see if my back actually have improved or not.. 🙂


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