Spinning workout

Woke up early and went to the gym to do a spinning workout. Biking is the only kind of cardio I can do with my foot right now and it felt good to do some intervals in high pace! I found this HIIT workout on Pinterest, that’s were I got the idea of doing some spinning intervals instead of weights. Felt good to get the sweat going!

I changed the routine a little since I don’t want to stand up biking (don’t want to risk my foot) so I added some more 30 on/30 off intervals during that time instead. Feels good to start off the day this way!! Probably because I miss the spinning I used to do at home in Sweden so much, doing it by myself is not really the same thing, but better than nothing!! Spinning in a group with a good instructor and good pump-up music is on of the best workouts I know! 🚴🏁 Now off to treatment to get this foot better!

Bball game

Here is a picture of our easy dinner before we biked in the cold to Matt Knight Arena to watch the Men’s basketball game last night. The dinner is simply just boiled broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots with chicken made in the oven with spices like curry, black pepper, paprika, and chili. Easy and tasty!



Shoulders & Chest

Had another great gym session today. Focused on shoulders and chest and got a good 60 min weights session. My arms are now shaking so we will see how cooking dinner is going to turn out hehe.
These are the exercises I did today(did super-set with most of them to save time/ be more effective):

DB Narrow bench press
DB Front raises
DB Upright row
DB bench chest flies
DB Shoulder press
DB Lateral raises
DB Arnold press
Cable chest flies

I did 6 sets of them all so as you can understand my arms feels amazingly heavy right now…



My dear boyfriend was with me and he was so nice to take some action pictures hehe

Biceps & Triceps

Had a good workout yesterday afternoon, I had so much energy and I felt strong throughout the whole workout! My focus was on biceps and triceps and I did 6 sets of each exercise and I tried to super-set most of them. These were the exercises I was doing:

  • DB alt. Hammer Curls
  • DB Kickbacks
  • DB alt. Biceps Curls
  • DB Triceps Push-up Overhead
  • Single-arm Cable Biceps Curl
  • Cable Triceps Push-down
  • DB Biceps Curls
  • Triceps Rope Overhead
  • Cable Narrow Lat Pulldown (palms facing me)
  • Single-arm Triceps Push-up Overhead

15 minutes on the bike to cool down


picture from our week in Mexico


Screen shot 2014-12-27 at 4.29.03 PMScreen shot 2014-12-27 at 4.29.19 PM

This is what happens when a workout freak is not feeling good and is bored at home = some online shopping for new workout clothes. I got 50% off on the capri tights and I’m really excited about the top with an open back! Can’t wait until I get them delivered! I bought them both at Fabletics.com, all the reviews and comments I saw were positive about these two pieces so I hope that’s true!

Last six months

I have a lot of free time now during the winter break, especially because no one is left in Eugene (except my amazing boyfriend), I cannot play tennis (because of my inflamed foot) and there is not school… And it has finally hit me that I only have six months left of college..SIX MONTHS.. that’s nothing compared to the 4 years I knew I would stay when I arrived to the states for the first time. The time has gone by so fast and I have had A LOT of struggles and challenges along the way..but I have survived them all to be a stronger person. I know this journey to the states have thought me a lot, not only about a different culture, about taking risks, and be away from home and what I am used to, but also about myself. My personality has grown, I feel more comfortable with myself, I have learned what my mind and body needs (like) and now the next step is to figure out my next chapter. After I graduate in June I will either stay here in Eugene for a job for one year, go home and start a master somewhere in Sweden, or find a summer job + a job after the summer somewhere in Sweden. Either way I am more than ready to start this next chapter and see what the future has waiting for me!

But first I need to focus on getting my body all healed, so that I can finish strong with my last tennis season for the Ducks, and finish my college degree, which is mostly going to include journalism courses now because I added a Media Relations minor in the last minute 🙂


Here is a Happy Holidays photo from my team hehe