Peanut-Butter Lover

Since I would say that I am strongly addicted to peanut butter (the people who know me know the huge amounts I can eat of it) I have found a great solution to make my consumption a little healthier (but still taste amazingly good). What I eat my peanut butter with the most is oatmeal, I mix A LOT of it in the oatmeal when it’s done and it always taste heavenly, I also add a bunch of other topping, like seeds, banana, soy milk and so on. This summer I bought home a protein powder with the flavor peanut butter from Fitnessguru and instead of half the peanut butter (which for me is half-a whole jar hehe) I usually add, I now add 1 scoop of Fitnessguru Protein powder with peanut butter flavor. It is easy, healthier, and taste the same! So a tips for people like me who are addicted and love peanut butter try out Fitnessguru protein powder with peanut butter flavor, you will not regret it!


the picture is taken from their website


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