Waiting and waiting

Something that I really do not like is waiting (I’m a little impatient 😁) … it doesn’t matter if it’s waiting in the line for the cashier at the grocery store, waiting for a phone call, waiting for a specific time, and especially not waiting for someone else to take action when it is something that influences me. I have been waiting since Thursday now to get a call back from the doctor to do my casting.. (I have an inflamed foot and I decided last Wednesday that the best option would be to put it in a cast because it is not getting better). I was hoping then to get in and see the doctor already on Friday to do the casting, but no still didn’t hear anything back and it’s Tuesday afternoon.. That’s almost a week later, which means a week less of the tennis season left when I get out of the cast and have finished the rehab and everything… frustrating..because I want to play so bad. I miss practicing with the team, I miss playing tennis, I miss playing matches, I miss running, I miss taking walks in the fresh air, I just miss being able to do whatever I feel like whenever I want. Have had this foot injury for almost 3 months now and it will go on for probably 2 more month until I’m “free” to do what I feel like.. but the time will come so I just have to keep my head up, smile, and stay positive!


Picture of me running 400’s this summer, I miss it!


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