New Girl + Coffee Creamers

I managed to get through the first day in the cast, all I did was to watch “New Girl”, a TV-series I’ve heard should be pretty funny and I watched 9 episodes yesterday and I’m already stuck, and YES it is pretty hilarious. Will see what day #2 have to come with, I feel so lost not being able to workout or walk around.. I feel like I should really put some time in my studies now, but the motivation is just not there right now. Hopefully it will come back when I get a little more used to this sitting-lifestyle. I am going to make myself a cup (or two) of coffee now with soy-milk and Walden Farms Hazelnut coffee creamer (with 0 calories!). I have tried both the hazelnut and mocha flavor and they are both delicious. You just have to add just a little little of they because they do have a lot of flavor and are pretty sweet (at least for me). But if you’re a person who usually buy mocha’s or coffee with other sweet flavors with a bunch of unnecessary calories, these are a perfect option for you because they taste real!

picture taken from their website.


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