Happiness in a little bottle

Got really happy when I saw Fitnessgurus new product – Stevia drops! I have always wanted to try to flavor my food (everything from pancakes, yoghurt, use in baking, and my coffee) with stevia drops (and Fitnessguru have so many different flavors!) because I have heard and read so much about it on different blogs and websites. This is how Fitnessguru describes the new stevia drops:

“Fitnessguru® Stevia Drops is the natural and calorie free option for sweetness and flavour and can be used in everything from smoothies, yoghurt, quark and healthy baking to drinks such as natural protein shakes, tea and coffee. Make Stevia Drops a part of your healthy recipes! Stevia Drops is an excellent flavouring for you who want to enjoy sweets and at the same time decrease the intake of sugar. It is a natural liquid and calorie free sweetener, extracted from the plant Stevia. Stevia contains glycosides, which is even sweeter than sugar and the reason to the sweet taste. The product is flavoured with natural aroma which adds a delicious flavour and sweetness without the usage of sugar.”


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