“Keep your thought POSITIVE because your thoughts becomes your words.

Keep your words POSITIVE because your words becomes your behavior.

Keep your behavior  POSITIVE because your behavior becomes your habits.

Keep your habits POSITIVE because your habits becomes your values.

Keep your values POSITIVE because your values becomes your destiny“.

-Mahatma Gandhi

I found this quote on a image on Pinterest and I just can’t address enough how important it is to stay positive through tough situations and times. I am in a setback myself right now, but trying to look at it from a positive perspective and realize that this is what will make my future better makes it easier. I also know that my setback might be nothing compared to others, and that I actually have no reason to complain about my life at all. So all I wanted to say with this post and quote is that try to make the best of everyday even though you think you’re not in an good place in life right now.



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