Homemade Crispbread

I am not a bread lover, actually rarely eat any kind of bread at all, but if I do I most likely bake this bread myself. When I do make this bread I always eat it up within like 2 days because it is so crispy and delicious. I got the recipe from my mum, and her bread always turn out better… I don’t know what it is about mum’s making food, it always turn out better even though we are following the same recipe?

Here is the simple recipe:

1 dl almond flour

1 dl cornstarch

1 dl raw sunflower seeds

1 dl sesame seeds

1/2 dl flax seeds

1 dl raw pumkin seeds

1/2 dl melted coconut oil

2 1/2 dl hot water

a little salt

->You just mix all the dry ingredients and then you add the melted coconut oil + the hot water and mix. Then pour the dough on a baking paper and add some salt on top before you put it in the oven for at least an hour in 150 degrees Celsius. When you take it out, let it cool down and then break into pieces and EAT! I usually eat mine with either avocado and cottage cheese or peanut butter and banana!


you can click on the picture to get it bigger


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