I am really surprised about how these OnePancakes (<-you can read more about it if you press the link) turned out! It is so easy to make (way easier than normal pancakes) and also healthier, since it includes more protein, which will make you feel full longer. Directions: Mix one scoop of powder with about 1 cup of water or milk in a shaker. Shake until fully mixed and then fry in a pan or in a waffle iron until golden brown. Put on whatever topping you would like, there are thousands of delicious topping variations you could do. A favorite I have is peanut butter and cottage cheese. Or just a mix of berries as I did on this picture!


Here are some benefits with this pancake mix (taken from their website):

+ Quick and easy way to prepare protein pancakes
+ High protein content from both whey, casein and egg white
+ Easy to vary at different times
+ Long shelf life with pancakes always available!

More information and nutritional values on Fitnessguru’s website -> OnePancake


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