How to burn fat the right way!

I found 7 tips that will help you to burn fat faster (but keep your muscles) on Fitnessguru’s website. I read through them and the most important and helpful things I agree with are:
1. Weight training.
2. Interval training.
3. Divide your workouts to shorter periods.
4. Increase your daily movements.
5. Eat enough of protein.
6. Try not to do too much low intensity cardio.
7. (My 7 is different from theirs) drink plenty of water everyday and before, during, and after a workout. // Their number 7 was to take theirs OneHeatPack, which will help you increase your fat burning. I have not tried these so cannot tell you guys what I think. But if you click “here” you can get to their website where you can read more about the OneHeatPack and these steps and why it will increase your fat burning.
-> Here are all their steps in pictures but it’s written in Swedish:


IMG_3181IMG_3182Screen shot 2015-02-09 at 8.03.56 AM


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