BACK on track!

Went to the gym yesterday to do my first real gym session since I got in the cast. I have been to scared to irritate my inflamed ankle so I thought I’d better stay away from as much weight and irritation on it as possible. But now, being out from the cast for 4 days, I feel like my foot is stable enough to at least do a upper body workout. So I went to the gym a little too excited and did my favorite workout – Back! I took it kind off easy, but went through the same exercises I used to do before my break. These are the exercises I did today:

DB single arm row
Cable wide pulldown front
Cable row
Cable narrow pulldown front
Back extensions on ball
DB rear raise
DB rows
I did 4-5 sets on each one and it felt so good! My mood just got so much better, I have missed these workouts so much! So hopefully my foot keeps healing and I can post more workout and workout tips on the blog again! I’m so excited!



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