Happy girl!

Finally got my little delivery from Fitnessguru! So now I have some new stuff I need to try and I got the cutest little shaker! I’m gonna try the OneAmino today I think before I do weights. I got it in both pear and cola flavor, will see which one I try! There are many benefits with using BCAA or Amino Acids if you live an active lifestyle, specially if you do weights. Here is some information taken from their website:

One Amino focuses on maximizing your muscle building and recovery potential during your workout. As you twist, mold, crunch and pump your body, One Amino supplies amino acids in their free form and has a high concentration of branched chain amino acids, BCAA so that your muscles can grow and recover.

+ Ultimate performance & recovery formula during training
+ BCAA for maximal recovery and muscle growth
+ Gives you an energy boost
+ Immediate uptake

The body is most receptive to nutrients at three key moments: before, during and after a workout. You can enhance your performance by supplying the right nutrients at the right time.

During an intense workout, muscle fibers are broken down and catabolic hormones are released. While these are natural processes, these are also detrimental to your athletic performance. Nature, however, has a remedy for this less than ideal natural processes. Branched-chain amino acids, BCAA, when taken during a workout help build muscle and jumpstart protein synthesis, resulting in an accelerated muscle growth. Supplementing with BCAA during your workout stops catabolism during exercise, stimulates muscle activity and promotes muscular recovery – all whilst boosting your energy.

BCAA are known to increase protein synthesis and muscle building by up to 350% and are therefore essential for every athlete aiming to improve muscle growth, speed and recovery.

Sounds pretty great right? If you want to try it yourself or read more about it click HERE.




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