OneAmino Pear

I tried the Fitnessguru OneAmino Pear yesterday before my weights session and I am only positively surprised. It tasted like a ice cream I had a lot when I was little (called Piggelin in Swedish) so it kind of gave me a flashback of the Swedish summer when I was little hehe. So the taste absolutely gets 10/10 of me. And it is suppose to help my muscles and body recover faster, which is hard for me to tell. But what I can tell is that it for sure have me some extra energy, not only during the workout, ALL day long. So for me the OneAmino is something that will be perfect to take before/during a gym session. I believe that if I keep taking it regularly I will notice a difference in my recovery and muscle gain as well! I also have to say that these portion packages are very convenient because it’s easy to bring with you during the day until you need them. You just add 3-5 dl of water, milk or other favorite liquid and then shake it well before you drink it.



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