The best bread toppings!

I’m not a huge bread eater, the only time I actually eat bread is if it’s homemade and gluten free. Except the healthy crisp bread my mum makes, which I’m addicted to! So I will definitely make that myself soon and share the recipe with you here, because it’s both healthy and gluten free and so easy to make! But now I wanted to share with you my best combinations of toppings for bread!

  • Peanut butter (or other nut butter) & sliced banana or apple
  • Peanut butter & cottage cheese
  • Avocado, cottage cheese & sliced turkey
  • Avocado & lemon spice
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Fried eggs with herb salt
  • Homemade hummus (will try to make this soon again so I can post the recipe here)
  • Cottage cheese together with any sliced vegetable (pepper, cucumber, tomatoes)or berries (raspberry, blueberry)
  • Cottage cheese with sliced pear, honey and chopped walnuts
    -and there are a bunch of more healthy good toppings! Let me know if you want me to add more to the list. Here are two pictures for some inspiration:




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