Variation is the key

Since variation is the best way to improve I killed my shoulders today with a different kind of style on my gym session. I got inspired of Miranda when she wrote about her shoulder workout the other day, and did something similar but different hehe. So I started with 30 min running in the water treadmill and finished off all my rehab exercises for my foot and then I biked my way to the gym and started lifting weights right away. This is how my workout looked like (with focus on shoulders and chest):

  • DB incline bench press superset with DB Arnold press (4sets)
  • A circuit of DB shoulder press (10 reps), DB front raises (10 reps), DB lateral raises (10 reps) and I did those 3 exercises x3 without any rest in between.
  • DB chest flies superset with DB Upright row (4 sets)
  • Then the same circuit as above again.
  • Cable chest flies superset with DB bench press (4 sets)
  • Then the same circuit as above again.
  • Then I did 3 sets of DB laying rotators to finish up.

It felt really good to do something a little different and I actually got sweaty which I have missed a lot now when I’m not doing any cardio or running. And it is important to vary your workouts because the body gets used to exercises and weights if you use the same and do the same procedure long enough. I have heard that it is good to switch up the weight schedule around every 4 weeks, don’t know if it’s based on research, but it sounds about right to me!
So remember not to be too comfortable with your workouts because “Variation is the key to success”.


IMG_3403 Picture of Me in the water treadmill from earlier today and a picture of my favorite gym gloves and my new Good Balance bracelets. Don’t forget to use the code “sofiahager” on their website to get 10% off any of the bracelets.


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